What you need to know….

All classes meet primarily in Tacoma Park and Baltimore, Maryland on Sundays and Wednesdays. Trainers are available to conduct on-site training sessions upon request.  All courses are competitively priced.  Fees are due prior to class attendance and must be paid in full in order to receive a certificate.  All fees must be paid online.  There are no refunds.  Please make sure to include your registration fee of $25 when registering for any of our courses. If you are unable to complete the course due to unforeseen circumstances, you can be enrolled in the next available course offering. Please use the form below and indicate what type of training/course you’re interested in. Our office will contact you to confirm course offerings, registration and payment. 

For general consulting childcare consulting services including classroom design, curriculum implementation and child care licensing, give us a call at (240) 354-9447 for individualized pricing options!!

We appreciate your business!!

Course Offerings & Services

  • All 90-Hour Pre-Service /$750.00
  • CDA (Child Development Associate)/$650.00
  • All 45-Hour /$375.00 
  • Director Administration Course /$400.00 
  • 9-Hr Communication /$120.00
  • Curriculum & Lesson Planning /$60.00 
  • 3-Hr Professionalism /$45.00 
  • 3-Hr Community /$45.00 
  • 6- Hr Health, Safety & Nutrition /$60.00 
  • 6-Hr Special Needs /$60.00 
  • 12-Hr Continuing Education/$120.00
  • Re-Issued Certificate of Course Completion/ $25.00
  • Parenting Classes-Selected Topics/ $45 per person for a class of 10 people or more. FLAT RATE for larger groups.
  • How to Start a Daycare Center /CALL FOR PRICING
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